There is an incredible amount of work -  articles, journals, books and research studies that support and provide evidence to the importance and benefits to having children spend regular visits to a natural space. We are working to accumulate some of that work in a variety of formats here for your enjoyment.

Please come back to check out this page as we continue to build it up. 

ARTICLES - here are some of our favourite articles, lovely to read and citing benefits of getting children outdoors. Many of these also reflect Common Digs' belief system about working with children in the outdoors. 

Learning to love nature enough to protect it by Louise Chawla. This is a little bit of a heavier read but worth it.


RESEARCH - We could list the studies here, but The Children & Nature Network does a most comprehensive job providing links to many scientific studies and surveys that may interest parents looking for more concrete evidence (scientific studies) of the benefits to children in nature - and are interested in reading through scientific reports.