Calgary Forest School

Located in Calgary, Alberta, our children's programs model the Forest School approach that have been well established in Europe since the 1950's. Research shows a multitude of reasons - intellectual, social, emotional and physical to get kids outside spending great lengths of time in nature. 

Our Forest School Practitioner is in training through Forest School Canada in their pilot program in association with Jon Cree from Forest School Association in England. In the program children spend the majority of their time exploring, creating and learning hands-on in the natural world using provincial, municipal and private lands. In poor weather space is leased near to each of the outdoor locations. 

Our Practice
Our individual practice is always developing and evolving as we ourselves develop and evolve as educators and learners. Our programs are supported by Certified Teachers to enhance appropriate curricular strands, numeracy and literacy. 

We consider The Early Learning and Childcare Curriculum Framework for Alberta which "is broadly focused on the process of our (early childcare) work and the decisions we (early childcare workers) make every day, rather than determining the content of children's learning, as traditional ideas of curriculum often suggest." (from their FAQ, parenthesis added.)

The collective of our individual practice drive the key concepts at our Forest School:

  • Regular woodland visits for extended periods of time
  • Safety & Supported Risk Taking
  • Observation and Learner-led Inquiry
  • Hands on learning and play
  • Storytelling
  • Reflection and Mindfulness



Registration form
Tell us about your child

Our programs operate Monday - Friday
Full day - 9:30 - 2:30; 1/2 day - 9:30 - 12:00
For ages 3* - 5 years old

Spring 2018 semester - 12 weeks
Limited space available; 
Full day (1 day per week) - $660 + gst
1/2 day Friday only - $360 + gst  

Fall 2018 semester - 8 weeks
Registrations due February 15th; notice of space given February 20th; 50% of semester fee due March 20th. Please complete $50 Registration fee (in "Shop") when you submit your registration. 
Full day (1 day per week) -  $440 + gst; 
1/2 day (day TBD but likely Fridays) - $240 + gst  

Forest School Summer Camp
Week-long Forest School Summer Camps immersed in nature play and following an emergent curriculum co-contsructed with the educators and children. 
$150 +gst per week; 9:30 am - 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Ages 3 - 7 years old
Full day camps available please email us at Please note all campers must be independent in the bathroom and it is advisable that they have previously experienced un-parerented programs. 

Complete your registration forms here and then head over to "Shop" to pay the camp fee and select your week. 

Please note - Completing a forest school registration does not guarantee you a space. Our programs operate on seasonal semesters. Once enrolled in a semester families have the first opportunity to re-enrol for the subsequent semesters. The best time to get into the program is in the Fall as many children age out into Kindergarten and their space becomes available. Spaces for Winter and Spring become available as families decide not to carry on into the following semester.  

Red Deer Lake/Lloyd Park - 5 min. west of Spruce Meadows off 22x. A beautiful 56-acre municipally-owned woodland and wetland environment.  Additional $35 annual community membership is required at this location. ($25 if you live in MD of Foothills). 

*Children must be fully independent in the bathroom to attend. There is no diaper-changing facility.