Nature Kindergarten Parent Page

“Offering the Alberta Kindergarten curriculum through learner-led exploration of the natural world”

Welcome to the Nature Kindergarten Parent webpage! Please bookmark this page and check back often. During the school year, your teachers and the administrative team will be updating this page with announcements and drop-off/pick-up locations for the week.

2019 RDL Park Passes:

All families will need to renew their Red Deer Lake Community Association passes by the first week of January 2019 to be able to access the park. Passes are still $35 for families outside the MD of foothills. The form this year are done through an online google form. You have already received an email with this form. 

To pay for your passes:

  • You can stop by the park office and place your payment in the blue mailbox

  • Mail your cheque to the association (address is in the form)



Oliver's Labels:

As a kick-off fundraiser for Nature Kindergarten, we are offering Olivers Labels for families to purchase. With all the gear purchased for you child this year, we highly recommend having these labels to keep track of your child's belongings, especially with many items looking the same. Please use this link (and of course share with your family and friends) and Children's Commons Ecological Society (Nature Kindergarten) will get a percentage of all the orders made on our behalf. 


Routines at home:

Getting ready for outside can sometimes seem like a challenge for children especially at the beginning of the year, but we know at Nature Kindergarten this is a great step to independence  and self-confidence, not to mention helps with transition times. Here are some tips to help build this independence that will transfer over to school.

Back pack: Encourage your child to pack their own back pack in the morning, you can talk them throughout the steps of where things go inside their backpacks so they are able to find items throughout the day. 

Clothing and layers: When it’s cold and wet, children can have a hard time knowing what layer to put on first. At school we like to demonstrate with how we layer ourselves. At home, you can talk them through the steps: warm layer (fleece first), then rain pants, coat, hat, boots and then gloves. 

Shoes and boots: Encourage your child to try and do up and take off shoes and boots before asking for help. Sometimes all they need to know is the right technique to be able to do it themselves!

Zippers: Practice makes perfect! Have your child practice doing up their zippers on coats and fleeces, we know Muddy Buddy zippers are tough and always lend a hand with those!

Parking lot safety:

Please walk your child to the school doors in the morning and at the end of the day. We do not want any unattended children in the parking lot. There are three schools using the parking lot and want to ensure child safety. 

Pick up: Please remember that when picking up your child at the end of the day you must say good bye to your child's teacher.  If you are carpooling with another parent or are arranging for another person to pick up your child, you must inform your child's teacher.  



RDL Mon/Wed CLASS: 9am-3pm

Monday, Sept. 16: Drop-off/ Pick-up indoor classroom. 

Wednesday, Sept. 18: Drop-off/ Pick-up indoor classroom. 

RDL Tues/Thurs CLASS: 9am-3pm

Tuesday, Sept. 17: Drop-off/ Pick-up outdoor classroom/ Lloyd Park

Thursday, Sept. 19: Drop-off/ Pick-up indoor classroom.

Friday, Sept. 20 : Drop-off/ Pick-up indoor classroom.

Our Nature Kindergarten Gallery: 

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